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10 Things Only Friendzoned Guys Can Relate To

Sai Kardile
A nice guy meets a girl, they hit it off well, become good friends and remain friends forever. This is the story of most of the guys who become inhabitant of the no-man's land called "friendzone". Here, we tell you 10 things that only the hapless friendzoned guys will understand.

The fairer sex too gets friend zoned!

The world witnessed the intense agony of this dreaded concept of a woman through the movie Casablanca when Illsa gets friend zoned by Rick who once couldn't help himself from making sheep eyes at her. He bids her adieu by telling her to board the plane with her husband, which in other words meant to get out of his life.
This story, however, has a massive appeal in modern times. Given are some things that only modern friend zoned guys can dig.

Ground please swallow me!

That ugly and ego-striping feeling when a woman tells a guy how much she likes him, enjoys spending time with him, without having any inhibitions because he doesn't try to make a pass at her! Please get out your wand, direct it to the ground and utter the spell Diffindo! It will crack open the earth after which you can jump in it.

We are BFFs

Oh yes yes, we are just friends―those innocuous coffee dates, movie times, chatting for hours on the trot, unbosoming of secrets, those seemingly platonic pecks and hugs are things that two BEST FRIENDS DO WITH EACH OTHER. This tagging suddenly deprives you of your vitality.

Those heart-wrenching words "why don't they make guys like you anymore?"

Aaaaaahhhhh. You could use another Harry Potter spell here to spite your miserable life. If only you could throw a bucketful of ice on this woman's head, shake her out of her ignorance, and bawl out on her face "I am here, I WAS ALWAYS HERE".

That feeling when 'she' tries to hook you up with her friends!

She sees you as this NICE GUY who needs to have a CUTE girlfriend, and so, she takes all the pain to introduce you to her supposedly CUTE friends and sets you up for dates. If only she could take a little more pain to understand that IT'S HER WHO YOU FANCY and not her girl friends.

When the girl looks at you as a brother on whose shoulder she can cry on

You are truly devastated for being in such a situation―firstly your emotional make-up is not as frail as this woman you love, so you are already kind of in a fix as to how to comfort her, and secondly, as 'a brother', you can't really cheer her up as you often fantasize! Aaaahhhh.

You dance attendance on her all the time

It goes without saying that when you carry a torch for someone, you are ready to carry their shopping bags. So, you become an exemplar version of modern chivalry, hold the shopping bags, take her out for meals to garish and fancy restaurants all at your expense.
You lend your ears to her girly talks, help her select a nail wear color (also help her to put it), watch mushy movies with her, and other myriad things that under ordinary circumstances could have made you feel emasculated. Lord.

When she tries to hit on your friends

This is really sad. One day she arrives at your door, all garbed up fancy, sporting that 'come-hitherto' look and wearing a sensual smile on her mouth; this all really makes you want to fly and kiss your lucky stars, but you are soon back to cursing them as you realize that all this was NOT FOR YOU BUT FOR YOUR ROOMMATE.

When you realize that she will probably never understand how much you love her

You are doing just about everything and anything that you can within or beyond the bounds of friendship, by now you can tell the food that she likes to nosh on when she's upset, or that mawkish episode from her favorite anime. Despite all this, you know that she will never be able to get her head around the fact that YOU LOVE HER SO MUCH.

You fear that you will lose her as a friend, hence don't confess your true feelings

Every time you find yourself in the 'fork-in-the-road-moment', where you know that you will have to man up, make a decision, and live with it, you feel paralyzed by the fear of losing her forever. While you cannot brook up with her 'not knowing', the fact that pouring your heart out will change the equation between the two of you is equally unbearable.

You are beginning to lose hope in the concept called LOVE

You have really grafted hard to become a perfect guy, you have moved earth to make this girl feel happy, you have faced embarrassment at the hands of your friends over your romantic wretchedness, you have deprived yourself of 'pal time' so that you could be at her disposal and have some sweet moments with her, and WHAT IN THE NAME OF LOVE YOU HAVE GOT?!
Being vocal about your 'feelings' for a girl is very important. You may not necessarily get a definite answer to your question or the reciprocation as you would expect, but a girl needs to be told how special she is to you. So, if you want to break free from the bars of the friendzone, then you better convey your feelings to the girl without further ado!