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Things to Talk About with a Girl You Like

Rohini Mohan
Do you wish to make a good impression on the girl you're attracted to? Well, here are some tips on the right things to talk about with a girl you like, so that the next time you see her you'll be more prepared and not at a loss for words.
Men always say that they do not understand women and women feel that men can't understand them! Well, if we just treated each other as equals then things would not be so complex, now would they? No, but then how can anyone be blamed when attraction has its own set traits that make us feel and act funny.
It's a known fact that men who are courageous, happily go into the battlefield, but when it comes to facing a woman, some men just find war easier to deal with ... not all men though. The crux of the entire situation crops from self-doubt. Being confident and yet not too cocky, is all that it takes to let the other person know about how you feel about them.
It is not hard to talk to a person, just think of how you would like to be spoken to and treated, and words will begin to flow smoothly.

Things You Can Talk About

The things you talk about to a girl would drastically depend on the sort of girl she is. The way to figure that out is by observing her. No matter what the case, just remember to be yourself and stay true to your own point of view so that you do not come across as fake or eager to please.

Let Her Know You are Interested in Her

It is you who likes her, therefore, you should be the one acting curious. Find out about her likes and dislikes, and at some point you will come up with certain similarities. Discuss those topics because such conversations can go on for hours if the two people are really in-tune with each other.
The things you can talk about could include topics such as music, celebrities, the recent party scene in your town, shopping, or the foods you both like. If you're the serious sorts, then you can discuss the various authors and their books that really influenced you, and see if she is interested.
If so, recommend them to her or even better, offer to lend your books to her so that she doesn't need to go book hunting all over town. There are a zillion things that the two of you can discuss, so be innovative and find out if the girl you like, has something in common with you.
One of the are hobbies! For instance, if she claims that she enjoys painting, request her to show you some of her artwork. That would be greatly appreciated, as she would feel that you are really taking interest as well as respecting her creativity.

Let Her Get to Know You

This is the tricky bit, but if done smoothly, it can help develop a good friendship. You will need to talk about yourself in way that you do not come across as someone who is self-obsessed. There is a very fine line between the two.
You can attract her attention by simply being a bit mysterious about yourself because girls love that. This will allow her to find out more about you and ask you questions about yourself. Though, don't push it. You have all the right to hide some facts for yourself, we all do, but do not blatantly lie to her.
Trust me, all you'll face is her wrath, if she ever found out the truth. Be comfortable about the things you wish to discuss. If the discussion gets too intrusive, let the other know when to stop. Always remember that women hate men prying, so do not ask personal questions.
Desist from sending lewd references through texts or emails. The point being, if you treat her with kindness and respect, she will do the same.
Simply follow these guidelines and if she is interested she will let you know in due time. Also remember that if you intend to ask this girl out, you would have to take the initiative. Ask her out on a date when you meet her the next time. If possible, try to avoid doing it over texts and instead, ask her over a phone call. Lastly, compliment her once in a while but don't overdo it.