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7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife

Sai Kardile Mar 3, 2020
A woman expects her man to be honest with her, but not brutally honest! Husbands are known for putting their foot in their mouth, which only incurs their better half's tumultuous wrath. So, if you don't want your wife to flip her wig, then you better make sure that you don't say the following seven things to her ever.
"For a man wins nothing better than a good wife, and then again nothing deadlier than a bad one."
― Hesiod
After marriage, a man and a woman become hands and gloves, for they fit each other snugly. How cute; however, what is not so cute is the fact that spouses become way too comfortable with each other by dint of which they fetch up in an undesirable spot. And by the way, by spouses, we mean husbands.
A man may feel relieved after marriage since he no longer has to stand on ceremony with his woman, but that doesn't mean he lets out whatever springs up in his head. You need to put a tight rein on your gob if you don't want to disconcert the harmony of your wife and your relationship.
This is not to say that husbands wittingly say things to injure their wives emotionally, but sometimes, as a husband, you need to show discretion as to when, what, and how certain things are to be said to your wife.
Given below are some things that every husband in the world must, any given circumstance, restrain himself from saying it to his wife.

You should try to lose your weight

Congratulations, you have got your hand into a can of worms! Your wife knows it that she has put on weight and she might have already made plans to drop off a few pounds, so your blunt statement like that will not be seen as helpful but hurtful.
Even if you are already privy to your wife's decision of undergoing a weight-loss regime, make sure you don't remind her of it when you spot her with a cookie or dessert. She might be already under some pressure regarding her weight gain, and you prodding her of it will only worsen matters for her. So, please BE GENTLE TO HER.

Why can't you be as hot as Mrs. Robinson?

You might as well keep your hand on an anvil and hammer it to feel how bad it hurts. You never compare your wife with a certain missus and expect things to be all hunky dory after it. If by likening your spouse with another woman, you think you will make her go green with envy, then you are seriously holding the wrong end of the stick.
This will only make her fly into passion with you and the only color you will probably see then will be blinding red. Ah, and yes, she may have never told you how she wished you had a hot body like Mr. Robinson.

Marrying you was the worst decision of my life

Maybe, you are beleaguered by frustration and other serious problems but making a statement like that will surely impinge on the way your wife thinks about you, which will not be in a good way. If there is something that is really bothering you, then you should share it with your wife than resort to verbal attack.

Relax! Calm down!

If your wife is going bonkers over something and you tell her innocuously to 'calm down' or 'relax', then you will most likely have spiked your wife's temper to cosmic levels.
By telling her to take it easy, you are actually telling her that for whatsoever reason she is going apes*** over, it's not that important, and she is just being silly by overreacting.
Your gnawing calmness will serve as that last straw that broke the camel's back; so if you know you are the reason behind her cataclysmic explosion, then you better try to assuage her by lending her your ears.

You always knew how I was

Not really, it wasn't until she became your wife and you chose to slough off that veneer of being an understanding and ever-caring guy that she saw the REAL YOU.
She may have known you for a while before jumping over the broom but she was so seized with the idea of being with you forever that she condoned some of those gnawing parts of you. But that doesn't mean that when she's upset with you over some asinine habit of yours, you try to impute blame on her by telling her that she knew what kind of a madness she was signing up for!

Our spoiled son has taken your genes

You are in a way repudiating your own contribution to the existence of your offspring.
But you don't realize this because your offspring has gone way off base, and the only convenient way other than trying to bring him back to the right track is ascribing blame to your wife

You remind me of your mother

Well, first of all, you haven't stayed with your mother-in-law for that long that you take a liberty to draw this conclusion.
Well, your mother-in-law may not be an exemplar in-law and your wife may also know that there's no love lost between the two of you, but by comparing her with her mother (whom you feel is obnoxious) you will not just be insulting her but belittling her mother.
Men with a knack for delivering sharp wit, attention! You can always save your wit for light-hearted occasions (or when your woman is up to brook up with it) but always remember, ill-timed humor can give you a devil of a time.