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Thumb Rings for Men

Did you know that during olden times, only men wore thumb rings? This story throws light on the significance of this accessory, and some of the popular designs that people opt for.
Shalu Bhatti
Thumb rings are increasingly gaining a lot of attention among buyers, a significant part of these being women because of the trend Julia Roberts started in her movie Dying Young. Men, on the other hand, are catching up with this fashion statement, as well. Thumb bands, especially when it comes to men, are not only a matter of adornment, but their symbolism goes beyond the aesthetic value.


The tradition of men wearing a thumb ring has been traced back to the olden times. Women usually never wore them because they could be worn only by men based on their status and rank in the society.
Women only wore their husband's thumb rings after he died in a battle, as a souvenir of his love, honor, and memory. The higher the status of the man, the heavier would the ring be, signifying strength, courage, and expression.
In some parts of the world, wearing a thumb ring portrays a person's sexual orientation. Some people believe that these are worn only and only by homosexuals. On the other hand, some believe that wearing a ring on the left thumb signifies that the person is single and ready to mingle.


Though men usually tend to have limited options when it comes to accessories, these rings are an exception, as they come in various designs and patterns, ready to complement the wearer's masculinity.
For men who want to show off their rebellious nature, and perhaps the darker side of their character, there are some unique and out-of-the-box patterns, as well. Mentioned below are some of the designs that are very popular and trendy these days.

Sterling Silver Designs

These silver-made rings come ready-made, as well as specially hand-crafted.
The sterling silver infuses a very classy-yet-robust look. These can also be made with some gemstones on them, if you like. Wavy silver bands are also popular among many buyers.
They also have a historical significance. In the olden times, palmists believed that wearing a silver band on thumb helps to fulfill the goals, which otherwise were avoided, and helps clear the mind of the wearer.

Celtic Designs

Celtic designs look great on silver.
A silver base with those bold and fierce pitch black Celtic knots, gives these rings a very masculine and bold look, just the way men like it. Moreover, each and every Celtic pattern has a meaning, which can also helps in portraying the beliefs that one follows, making the ornament's significance all the more prominent.
Gold Designs
These have been worn from the late 16th century until the mid of 18th century by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor of India. These were considered as a symbol of luxury and opulence. Gold Jewelry is anyway a symbol of sophistication, class, and luxury.

Gothic Designs

In ancient times, archers used to wear rings made of leather to protect their entire thumb.
Even Gothic bands, which are highly popular among the youth, are so large that they cover up the entire thumb. Some popular designs contain images of cross, birds, and skulls. These rings showcase the wearer's boldness, and not to mention, a rebellious style statement!
According to palmistry, the thumb base is said to depict Venus, which symbolizes sexuality and vitality. This is the reason why our thumb is distinct from the rest of our fingers. Therefore, wearing a thumb ring also signifies your sense of freedom in thoughts and actions. This is why most of its wearers are perceived to be independent and flamboyant.