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10 Tips to Fix a Patchy Beard

Payal Kanjwani Mar 3, 2020
Often, men experience bald spots and patches in their facial hair, that restrains them from getting 'that beard' look! This story presents tips and tricks to fill in those patchy parts swiftly.

Go for a Cool Clean-shaven Look!

Studies show that 67% of women prefer clean-shaven men. So, stop worrying about the patches. Go beardless.
Facial hair-growth, its speed and the fashion in which it grows depends largely on genetics. Besides this, hormonal changes and fluctuations in the puberty session, maturing of hair follicles due to testosterone, nutrition, season of the year, are all the reasons to get uneven, patchy spots in beard.
This is quite natural, and happens with a lot of people. In fact, guys who are growing beard for the first time, tend to experience this quite often.

So don't you strain about these patchy blots, for it will add up to your blotches. We give you straightened out tips to fix these patchy areas, and enhance facial hair growth.
Regularly trim your beard. Nip off uneven tips on a monthly basis, to get rid of split ends.

Tips to Fix a Patchy Beard

Grow out a full beard.

We can understand your temptation to style and shave your beard, but resist the urge to shave off your beard when it's growing to hide those bald patches. Allow it to grow thick. A longer beard would conceal the patchy spots.

Create best from waste.

Make the most of your patches. Style your beard in sync with the patchy spots. Like for instance, if you have a patch at cheek, go for a goatee beard, or an anchor beard. Opt for something that suits your face type, which may require a trial-and-error approach, and create your unique beard style!

A little pomade goes a long way.

Rub a little conditioning pomade on your beard hair. This will help in settling down those unruly hair. Direct your beard growth the way you want in order to hide the patchy areas. This waxy substance has jojoba oil as a main ingredient, so it also benefits you by giving your beard a sheeny effect. But don't use it in excess, for it will make your beard greasy.

Brush your beard downwards.

Using a beard comb or the one with soft bristles, brush your beard in downward direction to tame those wiry strands. This will even the appearance.

Use the therapeutic castor oil.

Castor oil is known for its magical benefits to hair growing, smoothening, and conditioning. Before going to bed, lightly massage your beard with castor oil. Let it stay overnight. Wash off in morning. Consider doing this in your daily routine till you notice growth in your beard.

Take the help of facial hair dyes.

If you've tried growing a beard to its glory and yet observe flecks of skin, then you could color your beard strictly with a facial hair dye. This will give a denser appearance to your beard. As far as possible, match the color of your dye to your natural hair.

Maintain a good beard care routine.

Like you don't forget to take care of your hair, give a little attention to your beard too. Apply beard balm/oil on your beard twice or thrice in a week. Wash those whiskers with a nice moisturizing shampoo, followed by a conditioner wash. Use a beard conditioner. Allow it to stay for a while before washing it off. This will smoothen those cowlicks.

Check your diet!

Diet plays an important role in growth. If your routine is devoid of victuals, jot them to your diet. Pack on a lot of vitamin and protein. Biotin works as a booster in hair growth. You can also opt for testosterone boosters and beard vitamins that will regulate your hair growth.

Stay stress-free.

Rest. Rest. Rest. Your facial hair growth is directly proportional to overall body health. Stay healthy. Stay light. Get enough sleep, meditate, go for yoga, do whatever you want to, but stay stress-free.
If none of these techniques prove fruitful to you, the final option left is to go for the transplant. This can be very expensive and risk-involving. Or simply, you could go clean-shaven! No trend stays forever, and the beard phase will pass on too.