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Your Guide to Choosing Tribal Jewelry for Men

Saptakee Sengupta
Nowadays, you see many men wearing tribal jewelry, as it looks very trendy. These antique pieces range from copper, iron, silver and various other kinds of organic designs.
Tribal jewelry originated in Africa and excavation studies revealed that they existed before 10,000 B.C. Such form of jewelry also evolved from the ancient Egyptians and the Harappa and Mohenjo-daro civilization. The male folk of those age-old times adorned their body parts with jewelry having peculiar structures made from animal or plant parts.
Apart from those, amulets were also worn by them that was believed to bring good fortune, wealth, and health. The purpose of wearing jewelry was also connected with keeping themselves away from evil spirits. Today people wear them merely as a fashion statement.
If you observe the attire of tribal men, then you will find them decked up with a plenty of jewelry. They opt for anklets, wristbands, bangles, earrings, headbands, and many other uniquely designed jewelry. Making such patterns of jewelry is indeed a praiseworthy art and you can get them from stores or buy them online.

Silver Tribal Jewelry

Silver accessories are mainly worn as a single piece, bracelet, earrings, or neck pieces. The silver is usually left unpolished to retain the crude look. The highly finished silver body jewelry are not only fashionable but are also expensive.
Faces of different Gods are molded on pendants, while bangles are carved with designs of animal heads, skeletons, etc.

Copper Tribal Jewelry

Copper jewelry are purely antique and are adorned as head sticks and bands. These are mixed with bronze, and are used for making rings in different shapes and styles.
Captive rings, circular barbells, earlets, eyelets look stunning in copper. Labret studs are more often adopted by men who have pierced their labret. Thick anklets made from copper reflect the true form of tribal jewelry. The head sticks have arrow like structures that can be held on the side of the ear and appear to be raised from the top of the head.

Iron Tribal Jewelry

These are heavy and extremely masculine. Only those who can well carry it off well should opt for it. Iron casing necklaces and bangles reveal a savage way of thinking, and are mostly worn by the tribals of West African and Middle Eastern countries.
Also much common among the Bedouins, Banjaras, and Turkomans, the jewelry pieces are blended with stainless steel creating a contemporary look. They are mainly worn as anklets, toe rings, thumb rings, bangles, and neck pieces.

Organic Tribal Jewelry

If you wanna deck up as a real tribal man, then opt for the organic forms. Ornaments are made from plants, wood, animal parts, shells, bamboo, and amber.
The mineral stones like agate, amethyst, quartz, onyx, obsidian, etc are used for making septum, labret, ear plugs, earrings, rings, etc. Jewelry made from bones and horns are mostly used as head pieces.
Dressing up like a tribal is not the criterion for wearing such jewelry. You can easily mix and match a piece with your outfit. Select the pieces that you can carry well, as they will be symbolic of your character and perspective.