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How to Choose Tungsten Rings for Men

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Tungsten rings are a huge rage nowadays. Read on to know all about the advantages and how to go about choosing the perfect one for you, or for that someone special.
If you are looking for rings that combine strength, and are a visual treat, then tungsten rings are the ideal choice to make. The following sections will give you details of how to choose these rings and the advantages of the same.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

On its own, tungsten is a very hard and dense metal and has the highest melting point of all metals--6100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also quite vulnerable to physical scratches and damage. Thus, it is just as vulnerable as any base metal when used by itself.
However, when it is combined with a carbon alloy, it turns into tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide has a hardness between 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Furthermore, it is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel, and practically impossible to scratch; which is the reason why this alloy is used extensively in industrial applications.
Interestingly, this alloy is also used in the making of rings. Tungsten carbide rings are not only visually stunning, but also extremely durable (you'll need to strike it with a hammer to so much as cause a dent).

Choosing a Ring

You need to ensure that the metal used during the finishing or binding process is not a base metal. A base metal (like cobalt) may act as a contaminant, bonding with oils in the skin, and flowing out of the ring, resulting in oxidation. This results in an appearance similar to tarnished silver.
The oxidization cannot be removed by polishing or grinding, and therefore, a better choice is to use nickel as a binder because of the varied advantages that it provides for--nickel is chemically inert and will not get oxidized. It is also scratch-free and durable. Furthermore, nickel is hypoallergenic and hence does not irritate the skin.
Due to the extreme hardness of rings made from tungsten carbide, this metal cannot be sized like gold, silver or platinum. Thus, when buying such rings, make sure to get a ring that fits well by trying them on personally.
One can even get a tungsten ring with beveled edges, so that it is easier to slip on and off the finger, thus, reducing the amount of friction. Beveled rings are curved on the inside, such that the surface of the ring touching your finger is minimal.


  • Tungsten rings are generally 100% scratch proof
  • These rings do not bend and are extremely durable
  • These rings are hypoallergenic and can also be worn by people who are allergic to nickel
  • Although it may be a little difficult, laser engraving can be done on these
One can also opt for tungsten inlayed rings--rings which combine the toughness of tungsten and the richness of precious metals. These rings use the purest materials and the most advanced inlayed bonding processes.