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Tuxedo Vs. Suit - Which One to Choose?

Sai Kardile
Whether it is a tuxedo or suit, a man just drips charm and style when he wears it, and yes, women give ample glad eyes to such men. While both of them are imperative for a man's apparel arsenal, there's a fine distinction between the two that dictates its wearability as per event appropriateness.
Through this story, we try to disentangle the threads-tangle of tuxedo Vs. suit; know the differences and decide which one to choose.

The Dapper Code

Add luster to your tuxedo ensemble by wearing well-buffed patent leather shoes and complement your suit ensemble with a pair of dressiest Oxfords.
It's a travesty of justice when people liken men wearing suits on a momentous occasion as mutineers on ship. Please! There's remotely nothing 'renegade' about slipping into a suit on your wedding day, as long as you don't present yourself as an unkempt attempt by turning up in a suit that threatens to bring down the nuptials energy of your own wedding.
The modern-day dress code is becoming less taut with each conducted wedding ceremony and a more daring, should we say.
But, there are certain established clothing canons that must be aboded or else in some cases, you'll look like a headlight of a car and others like a shocked deer looking at you, and in other cases, you'll be relegated to the poor and inconspicuous deer, while others will be bright headlights. Decide what you want to be.
We are determined to reconcile the age-old sartorial debate about tuxedo Vs. suit, so before that, let's get down to understanding what differentiates a tux from a suit.


The rudimentary yet remarkable difference between a tux and a suit is the shiny attendance of satin on the former. A tuxedo has its facings bedecked with satin, unlike a suit.
So, you have satiny or grosgrain silky accents on the lapels, pocket trims, buttons, along with a braid of satin that runs down the outer seam of the trouser leg.


The accouterments that supplement the sharp tuxedo look are shirts with cufflinks and button studs. A black silk bow tie, a cummerbund (with pleats strictly facing upward), a pleated shirt, and a vest were the de rigueur of a traditional tuxedo, but things have,
let's say, mellowed down, become a little subdued for the man of the zeitgeist to look his part without trying it too hard. Summon up James Bond's image before your mind's eyes and you'll concur with our opinion.


Shifting our focus to the second strong and most favored business wear attire option―suit. A suit remains an understated choice for boardroom discourses; it is a formality writ large and goes with anything that means business.
A suit unlike, its shiny doppelganger, plays it down with plastic buttons or self-buttons (buttons faced with the same fabric as that of the suit) with the lapels (usually notched) following suit, literally. A long tie traditionally added an authoritative accent to the suit, but there are many who will don bow ties to exult a more youthful vibe, which is originally one of the many essentials of the tuxedo.
Your Options
A suit comes in a slew of colors and patterns; well, tuxedos also do, but god knows how men who wear any other color other than the recognizable midnight blue or black look plain ungodly. A long-sleeved, buttoned-up plain front shirt is ideally worn under a suit, and we say this is what makes for a clean and defined silhouette.

To Wear a Suit or Tuxedo is the Question

Timing is Everything
Well, this is the part where most of the fashion policing happens around, but let us dispel your fears folks. First, you can wear either of them, but yes, your choice should hinge on the time you are slated to get hitched.
And, you also need to be on par with your woman-to-be, so it behooves you to know about her wedding ensemble (if not all the minutiae details, which we are sure she'd be gagging to share with you).
A tuxedo is more of a stand-alone thing; it will attract attention from all corners and crevices and even from those with vague eyesight. So, here comes suggestion numero uno―wear a tuxedo for your evening wedding, because hello! A tuxedo is just another name for stylish evening wear. A tuxedo with a boutonniere pinned on its satiny lapel―my, my, that's unequivocally what every woman desires.
A suit is befitting for a daytime and outdoor wedding. A suit will proffer more color options―brown, khaki, lighter gray, blue, et al (shun choosing bright colors, well unless you are planning on having your wedding à la casino style).
Brides' gowns are quintessentially meant to be pristine white, so we suggest you steer clear from a white or stark black suit as the dichotomy is too much for the eyes to take (purists may raise an eyebrow, but it's all about keeping pace with the trend).
Experiment with other dark colors like navy blue or charcoal gray, and you'll merrily meld with your woman's attire.

Price Difference between a Tuxedo and Suit

The shiny one is always the exorbitant one, so it's no surprise that the tuxedo is the expensive one. Well, this doesn't mean suits are less prohibitive money-wise as you have bespoke suits by designers and prestigious brands whose price tags can even eclipse your wedding budget! However, this doesn't spell an impasse as there is one way out―rentals.
You'll be surprised to know that rental costs for a tuxedo are easy on your pocket than a suit. In short, opting for a rental is always a good idea. However, there are retailers like ASOS, Topman, etc., who offer tuxedos and suits at prices that are a little higher than what you would pay for the rental. So, weigh all your options before taking a decision.
Prom night isn't just about dancing, but an important coming-of-age event for young men and women. There's no denying about the pressure of looking good on your prom night, but then again, what do you wear? A tux or a suit?
Since your prom night is by no means a traditional affair unlike weddings, you can go from a slim-fit tuxedo to the three-piece suit to the latest non-traditional tuxedo; technically just about anything. But make sure you look a MAN emitting élan like James Bond.