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Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Naomi Sarah Mar 22, 2020
Undercut hairstyles aren't just for runway models and punk rock stars, but also for ordinary folk like you and me. Celebrities, especially women, have caught on with this rising, uber-sultry trend, experimenting with it in all kinds of ways.

'90s Revival

The undercut hairstyle adds definition to one's hair, with the sides trimmed using clippers, and the center left with slightly long hair. It works best for men with a suave sense of style.
When we think of the undercut hairstyle, steamy images of David Beckham come to mind. He's perfected the risqué haircut with élan, channeling a sexy, bad-boy appeal that only a few men can pull off.
An undercut hairstyle suits men with angular faces, since a chiseled facade beautifully complements such a haircut. The upkeep of this haircut requires a dedicated hair care routine - frequent trips to the salon and using the right hair products is an absolute necessity.
Those of you who have hair that grows quickly will need to have the undercut trimmed every couple of weeks to help maintain its unique shape. Following are images of undercut haircuts for men, suit those with most types of hair; preferably hair that is wavy, medium-curly, or straight.

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

The undercut hairstyle is a melange of punk and extremely-masculine elements, that come together in a fashionable explosion of sorts. We can guarantee that with this hairstyle, you'll be drawing invidious, yet appreciative stares from passersby.

Long but Sleek

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can grow hair to a length that you see fit. There are no rules when it comes to the length, although it is advisable that it not cross ear level. It just keeps things polished and neat.
The whole idea of having an undercut hairstyle is to make a prominent statement of the partially-shaved look, sans the extra-long hair. If you want to combine the undercut with longer hair, we suggest styling it appropriately with a neat ponytail or braid.

Mini Mohawk

A full-fledged Mohawk loses its charm when worn by someone who doesn't fit the bill. Channel that grunge yet prim vibe, by going with a tasteful mini Mohawk cut instead. Hair is visibly shorter around the base of the skull, where you can leave a strip of half-inch-long hair trailing the back of your Mohawk, that ends just above the nape of the neck.

Messy Spikes

It possesses a more laid-back look, where hair is minimally styled using a smidgen of hair gel. Scrunch the hair gently by grabbing the front in a fist-like grip; release your hold and leave it to set. Use a good-quality gel that doesn't leave hair looking droopy, but slightly stiff.

Slicked Across

This is probably the best style of the lot, simply because it can make ordinary men look like runway models within mere minutes. The best way to carry off this look is to highlight the hair with two hues of a color―like dark brown and a dash of blond. It sets off the undercut, lending it a fantastic definition.
The hairstyle comes off as breathtaking―even more so than if left on its own―since the color contrast gives it added depth. If you have dirty blond hair or roots with a contrasting tone (like blond hair with black roots)―don't ruin its natural appeal with highlights.

Gravity Defying

You can achieve this result by simply spritzing a little hairspray on, to create a bouffant-like bulge. Ask your hairdresser to shave the hair close to the roots that surround the center, to give the hair a natural voluminous bounce. It looks great on medium-length hair; voluminous long hair can border on extreme punk―unless that's what you're aiming for.
The undercut hairstyle sounds like something you'd definitely want to give a go, right? It's the haircut's versatility and edginess that makes it our favorite pick for men. Whether young or old, we promise you'll love how well this '90s-inspired hairstyle blends with your sense of style.