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Wavy Haircuts for Men

Pragya T Mar 2, 2020
Wavy haircuts for men give a messy and sexy look. The secret to hairstyling wavy hair is to use a sea salt spray and stay away from the hairbrush. This makes wavy haircuts for guys extremely low on maintenance.
Among men's hairstyles, wavy hairstyle is one style that give a messy but stylish look. Some casual wavy styles also give a just-out-of-bed look.
But, guys this doesn't mean that you don't have to keep your hair clean and well-maintained. Using sea salt sprays can make your hair dry. So ensure proper hair care by using a mild shampoo and a good conditioner to keep your hair clean and soft. Short crew cuts are very common among men, but wavy hairstyles are always a head turner.

Wavy Haircuts for Guys

Plan out what you want from your haircut beforehand depending on factors, like the texture of your hair, your hair length, and the hairstyle you want. You can always color your hair after the haircut to make your look more unique.
The easiest way to explain to your stylist the wavy haircut you want is to either show him a sample picture of a celebrity or select the haircut from the pictures in the catalog that is available at the beauty salon.

John Mayer Wavy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for guys with slightly curly hair and requires very little maintenance and helps you get that extremely cool look. For this hairstyle, cut the hair at the back short and cut the sides of the hair to reach your hair. The front section of the hair should be cut in such a manner that it reaches a little above your eyebrows.

Johnny Depp Hairstyle

One needs to have slightly wavy or very wavy hair for this hairstyle. Cut your hair till it reaches your neck, straightening it till your ears and then keeping the rest of your hair wavy. You can always tie up a section of your hair into a ponytail for parties to give it a formal look. This hairstyle is also a very low maintenance style.

George Clooney Wavy Cut

George Clooney has salt and pepper hair. To get this look, you will have to highlight the waves on the top of your head so that the look is enhanced. This haircut is suitable for men with slightly wavy hair. Cut your hair very short at the sides and at the back and let it remain a little long at the top. It is a good idea to part your hair sideways.

Ashton Kutcher Wavy Hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle is very popular and stylish and suits guys with square jawlines. To cut your hair in this style, grow your hair and then texture them using a razor. Sweep the front section of the hair sideways and let it fall till your eyebrows. Let the hair length at the back be such that it reaches the middle of the neck.

Owen Wilson Wavy Haircut

This is a stylish wavy haircut for men. For this hairstyle, you need hair which reaches your neck. Cut the front and sides of your hair in layers. Keep the front hair section finely combed and let the hair at the back remain wavy.

Robert Pattinson Hairdo

This is a good short haircut which gives a unique look and is suitable for guys with angled jaws. Your hair should be medium wavy for this haircut. For this haircut, cut the back of your hair very short and leave the top and sides of the hair long. Semi-spike your hair with gel in three sections, the top and the two side sections.
Whenever opting for a wavy haircut, remember that after you make your hair wavy the length of your hair is going to appear shorter. This is important to remember, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.
Hair that reach till or below your shoulders is out of fashion and medium wavy haircuts till neck are popular, so avoid the former hairstyle. Select any one of these haircuts and enjoy your new look.