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What Kind of Flowers Do Girls Like

Sujata Iyer
If you're a guy fretting over what kind of flowers girls like and is it alright to send them flowers on any occasion or should it be limited only to birthdays and anniversaries, then here's exactly where you'll find all the answers. Simply read ahead and clear all your doubts and queries.

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You know, as a girl, there's nothing sweeter than knowing that there's someone out there, who's thinking about you even while you're neck-deep in work and not thinking back about them.
That there's someone thinking about you and missing you enough to show you just how much, by sending you a bunch of flowers in the middle of the day, 'just like that'. It brings out the 'awwww' quotient in you, and makes all the women around you go on and on about how 'lucky you are' and how 'sweet' your boyfriend/husband is.
And at that moment, when the delivery guy calls out your name and hands you a bouquet with a note, you truly do feel like the luckiest woman in the world, don't you? *Sigh* But that's all about women.
What about the guys who're thinking about the kind of flowers that the girl likes, and whether sending or giving flowers is appropriate on no special occasion? This MenWit article is an attempt to help them out with a few pointers on how to select flowers for girls.

What She Likes to Look At

No matter how much we try to portray ourselves as people who go beyond appearances, the truth is that we won't bother with something that does not look pretty. And we women tend to be a little more picky and choosy about things.
When it comes to flowers, we have the ability to take it a whole new level. You see, flowers by default, are brilliant to look at. Their vibrant colors attract us the minute we see them. That's what makes it even more difficult! To choose from such a wide range of awesome looking flowers.
So, the first tip for you would be to buy flowers that are visually appealing to the woman you wish to give them to. Pick up hints from the way she looks at a flower bouquet if you'll pass one. Listen to her if she ever talks about a flower that she particularly likes.
No woman can resist exclaiming when she sees a flower that she loves (or is that just me?), so take the hint and get them for her.
If she hasn't mentioned anything, then you can try and judge for yourself, what you think will suit her personality and get them for her, explaining why you got them. If you still can't figure out, then read ahead for some other pointers.

What She Likes to Smell

If it's not only about looks for her, then you need to get her flowers that also have a lovely fragrance. Flowers like lilies (some varieties) , gerberas, bird of paradise, etc. are exceptional to look at, but do not have a scent.
So, if it's a lilting fragrance that you want her to experience, then your best option would be to send her some fragrant flowers at her home or her workplace. Jasmine and roses are some really good options.
If you want to be unconventional, you can also try out daffodils, lilacs, lavender, hyacinth, etc. Another way to find out what kind of flowers the girl likes (and this one's not for the faint hearted), is to try to decipher what kind of perfume she wears.
What does she smell of? Fresh flowers, vanilla, something exotic perhaps? Try to heighten those olfactory senses and look around for the flowers that you think come closest to what she smells like. Imagine her face when she gets the flowers and a note from you saying that the flowers reminded you of her! She'll be in another world for sure!
*Pssst!: Don't send her too many flowers that have an overpowering fragrance, or too little flowers that have a subtle tone. The point would be lost, wouldn't it?

What They Mean to Her

Sometimes, we tend to attach specific sentiments to certain objects. It could be past incidents, a person we associate the object with or simply a genuine soft corner for that particular object. It's the same with flowers. I'm sure all the women (who appreciate flowers) reading this will nod their heads to the above.
And for all the men reading this, all you need to do is try to find out what flower means what to her. While you can go with the conventional 'roses are for love' and 'daffodils are to spread cheer' and all that, wouldn't it be nice to take that bit of effort and find out if she actually does like roses and daffodils or does she prefer gerberas and orchids?
Yes it would. So pay attention. And pick up on what she says about flowers. You'll be surprised at the number of women whose favorite flower is NOT the rose!

Why You're Giving them to Her

This point can actually be termed redundant, because if your woman like flowers, then she doesn't really care what the occasion or the reason is. She'll love whatever flowers you give her (based on the tips above) and whenever you give them to her.
However, she'll definitely treasure a cute little explanation as to why you're giving them to her. And just for that, we have for you the that you can consider while giving her flowers. Frame your own little message with the meanings given, and see her flash that gorgeous smile of hers that you love so much!
Giving a woman flowers does not automatically translate to you being besotted by her. You could send any woman flowers for any reason. Just like that, as a sign of gratitude, to congratulate her, to apologize to her about something and of course, to tell her you love her.
These are just a few of the many reasons that you can give a woman flowers. Rest assured that whatever the reason, the occasion or the sentiment, flowers are always welcome by women. It's just who we are! So happy flower shopping. Let us know if she liked them!