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What to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone

Neha Joshi
Do you call her to just hear her voice and hang up in a few minutes because there is nothing you can talk about anymore? Here are some ideas that will help you stay on the call for a longer time.
Sometimes, it's very easy to converse with someone on the phone; sometimes, you find it next to impossible. Let's say, you were introduced to her a couple of days back, and still don't know much about her. You exchanged numbers, planning to get in touch later on. In a day or two, you'll start messaging.
From a couple of hours each day, to every second, you're now on the phone whenever you can be. But now, you're done with small talk and all things formal. You think it's time to finally start on something more intimate. If not intimate, at least a little personal.
What can you talk to her about? What exactly should the conversation be about? What are the things she'll like talking about and what are the things she'll want to avoid? You would want to make the conversation special and at the same time, you wouldn't want to be too interfering, isn't it?
The good part is that talking on the phone gives you many advantages. You are not actually with the girl so your confidence levels will be a bit higher. She'll be more at ease while talking to you as well. Also, on the phone, you also have the option of messaging, if at all you don't feel like actually speaking out a few things.

Interesting Things to Talk About

What She Likes

This can be anything from her favorite color to her favorite author, from her favorite movie to her favorite music band. If you talk about these things, she'll be very happy throughout the conversation as she'll be talking about things that make her happy.

What She Dreams About

Talk about her dreams and aspirations. You can ask her what she wanted to be when she was a kid. Did it change as she grew up? What are the other things she dreams of? What are her aspirations in life? Has she set any goals for herself based on those? Where does she see herself in the next ten years? These questions will reveal a lot about her.

Who She Looks Up To

These can be her idols; people she wants to follow. Ask her who inspires her the most and why. If there are other people like these or incidents that helped her to become who she is now.
When you ask her these questions, it will tell you the kind of principles she lives by, her beliefs, and the people she respects. This will also help you to understand the qualities that she is attracted to.

What Places She Wants to Travel

We all have a list of places that we want to visit before we die. Ask her about her dream destinations. Where has she already been, where would she like to go, her experiences, etc. When she tells you about those places, you can ask her why she wants to visit those places. Then you can also tell her about destinations that interest you and why.

What She Thinks

When you are running out of topics, you can simply ask her what she thinks of a particular place or a person. This can be about a restaurant or the story of a movie. This will help you discover common opinions and build a common ground.
Now that you know what to talk about, you will seem more confident the next time you speak to her. Remember, every girl likes a man who can converse articulately.