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Why do Women Cringe?

Prerna Salla
You casually walk into a bar looking stylish, sexy, and sleek, or so you think. You believe you have what it takes to get a woman's phone number, but for some reason it's just not working. Wondering why? Read on.

Facts About You

The reality is that you may be doing things that make women cringe without even realizing it. Even if you are following all the right dating suggestions, there are a couple of additional things you must keep in mind.
First, women can be absolutely unpredictable! Just when you think you have them figured out, they do the complete opposite of what you were expecting them to do!
Also, women have the luxury of being picky. If you do something that they dislike, they'll move on to the next guy waiting in line to pick them up. After all, for them there are many fish in the sea.
From the time you get her number to the end of the first date and beyond, your behavior determines whether you'll still be dating in the future. So if you are trying to put on an act, chances are that through her keen sixth sense, you'll be out of her list, as fast as you placed yourself there!
The first few minutes of the date are crucial. Performing any one of the following actions may hinder your chances of moving on to the next dates.

Staring at Her Breasts

You are more interested in her breasts than in her face, and you can't seem to take your eyes away from them. Most men have this obsession for breasts, but care should be taken not to stare for uncomfortable lengths of time.
It's best if you maintain eye contact with her. This will make her feel like she's the only woman in the room.

Checking Out Other Women

You're talking to her, but your eyes are roaming around, so you don't miss out on any other hotties.
You always keep an eye on other options in the room, which would really mean that she's not good enough for your full attention! What you need to do instead is to keep your attention on her the whole time. This makes her feel like she's the center of your attention.

Having Weird Habits

Avoid picking scabs, constantly licking your lips or displaying similar habits that make you look nervous. Some men have this habit of scratching their noses. A typical habit among the first timers.
If you're nervous, take a deep breath and slow down your breathing; this will also help you focus. What would be even better is to tell her that you are nervous and that her beauty is the reason for the nervousness. Chances are she'll break into a smile, as you flatter her ego.

Being Badly Groomed

Inadequate grooming includes body odor, bad breath, shaving carelessly, and wearing wrinkled clothes. What typically catches a woman's fancy is the posture of her man. It shows whether the man is self assured and confident or not.
The fragrance of the aftershave comes next in line. So get into the habit of doing a check in the mirror for some last minute touch-ups before approaching her. All the best!