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Why Most Women Date Older Men

Mukta Gaikwad
Doesn't it always seem a bit odd that the women around your age do not have any interest in you, but hold an interest in your father? It is an awkward place to be in. It is extremely puzzling and makes you wonder why most women date older men.
We didn't care about the age gap from the beginning on. We relied more on our emotions and feelings. It was like that and it should always be like that.
- Catherine Zeta Jones
Women function in ways which remain inscrutable to men. Psychologists, several men, and relationship experts, have tried to answer what women desire, for years on end. However, the efforts seems to be in vain.
So why do most women fall for men years older to them? Is it because they are well settled? Maybe! But there surely are other reasons why women look for a partner who is older than them. Let's take a look at some of the factors that contribute to women being mesmerized by the idea of being with men older than them.

Why Do Women Date Older Men?

Well Settled

Women view courtship through the lens of a certain permanency. They picture settling down faster than what men do. A younger man seems in no hurry to get anywhere, but women generally figure out an itinerary before they buy a ticket for the ride of their life.
On the other hand, older men generally tend to have clearer career goals, and have specified directions to life. This becomes the baseline for women to lean towards men who are older than them. This gives them a sense of security, and a foundation to build their dream on.
It is pretty much of a turn-off when a man has to be told to get his act together in bed. That is one place where women like it when a man takes charge. An older man seems promising on this front too.
With his salt and pepper hair, he comes with an experience that makes those intimate moments far more intense than a younger man does.
Intelligent and Mature
Women with a higher emotional quotient seek older men, as they need some kind of an intellectual stimulation.
An ability to make meaningful conversations rests with those who are slightly more mature, well-read, and well-versed with interpersonal skills. The experience of an older man enriches him with this knowledge, which attracts a woman.
Stable Persona
As a man settles down in his career and begins to achieve his life goals, he develops a stronger personality. He becomes more rooted in thought and sentiment.
For older men, experience precedes experimentation. Women appreciate men who are less likely to change, as it gives the relationship a sense of stability and permanency.


Older men are far more independent than younger men. They are not only financially independent from their peers and parents, but also have gained their emotional independence. This means they are living on their own too. It becomes easier to develop a relationship with a man whose space is not shared with his parents or other roommates.
No Chase Game
The whole playing-hard-to-get, giving-in-a-little, and hide-and-seek of a relationship is generally avoided by older men. These men are sure of their needs and wants, which make them plan their moves very accurately.
Instead of wasting time in the whole chase game, these men prefer to invest it in knowing the person well, by spending quality time with them.

Respects the Relationship

A man with experience has better understanding of a woman's needs. Hence, he has the ability to treat her with respect. A younger man still struggles to articulate his respect towards women. The respect in the relationship helps a woman build the equation on the grounds of mutual respect and trust.
Often times, women who date older men are seen as gold diggers. They are perceived as those who simply go for the financial security that they may find and the easy access to riches. However, emotional security becomes the biggest driving force for a woman to connect with a man who is older than her.