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How to Read a Woman's Body Language

Arjun Kulkarni
The key to understanding women is hidden in their body language. This write-up should give you a good 'read' on how to follow these signals that women give out when you talk to them.
Despite all that you hear about how women talk too much and nag and complain, they speak much more with their bodies than they do with their mouth. They are all for those subtle hints and keeping the boys guessing. It is only after they get settled into a relationship that their mouths start doing the work.
Women want to play coy, sharp, and hard-to-get. Thus, they love dumbfounding us guys with their pretty little hints. Now, it is up to us to play catch-up in this flirting game to really know what she feels, what she wants, and what she means. The words may lie, but the body doesn't.
Too bad for the women who spoke with their bodies loudly all these years to men who didn't want to listen. Perhaps this is why married women nag; their husbands just aren't listening, so they have to take a more overt approach. But the guys these days want to know and listen. Their thirst to know what women want from them is greater than ever.

How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

The Head/Hair Toss

Men love women with long hair, and women are quite aware of this fact. So, if they are intrigued by you (positively, of course), they would like to draw your attention to their long, silky, and sexy locks.

Flicking/Twisting/Playing with hair

Of course, not all women have that wonderful long mane, but they do their best to attract your attention by twirling their tresses and fixing them from time to time. They want to look good for you, don't you think?

Neck Touching

The neck is one of the erogenous parts of the body. You know what that means? It means that she feels nice when she touches herself there. And that she doesn't mind letting herself go in front of you. If she does her neck a bit more ferociously, maybe she wants a back-rub.

Dangling Her Shoes

This is a tricky one. A woman might want to say that she's really tired and wants to go to bed. Conversely, it could be a clear indication that she wants to remove more than what she already has.

The Long Gaze

It is the sign that men misinterpret the most. A woman who gives a long, hard, and glassy gaze and looks like she's not listening to what you're saying, maybe she's looking for more than just friendship and trying to see if you're getting the message.

Physical Contact

If she touches you a bit too often, it means that she probably likes you, thinks you're good looking, and trusts you. If she touches herself, it's the same as before, minus the trust.


And lastly, the most important and primal sign of attraction. Birds do it, animals do it, and so do humans. Does she dress well for you? Does she specifically wear something more provocative to attract your attention? Do her arms and legs look positively sexy? Well then, it means she wants you to look at her!
Hopefully, you've learned a few lessons and will understand the fairer sex much better now.